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Bespoke Publishing for Brands


Welcome to Bespoke Books by gestalten, where we elevate your brand's narrative into a timeless masterpiece. With a proven track record of crafting over a thousand captivating books, we excel in every facet of the book's journey – from the initial concept to the final production and distribution.

At gestalten, we understand that your brand's story is unique, deserving a bespoke approach. Our comprehensive suite of services covers every aspect, including title development, content creation, editorial guidance, innovative design, and seamless production. Utilizing premium materials and cutting-edge techniques, we ensure each book surpasses expectations, setting new standards of excellence in quality and aesthetics.

Collaborating with the most visionary creatives, we tailor each project to align perfectly with your brand's ethos and aspirations. By choosing gestalten, you not only invest in a book but also gain access to a curated network of influential leaders who can amplify your message and extend your brand's reach.

But our commitment to your brand doesn't stop with the printed page. We specialize in creating unforgettable, exclusive experiences that resonate with your audience, forging deeper connections and leaving a lasting impression.

With a rich history dating back to 1995, gestalten has been at the forefront of publishing, blending exceptional aesthetics with timely, relevant themes. Our mission is to inform, inspire, and transcend boundaries, capturing the zeitgeist and shaping tomorrow's conversations. And with a global audience of over 26 million, including tastemakers and thought leaders, our books are not just publications – they're cultural touchstones, available worldwide through various channels, from our website to specialty retailers and prestigious bookstores.

Join us at gestalten and transform your brand's story into a captivating journey that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Take a look at some of our work:

Marvel, the iconic powerhouse of storytelling, entrusted gestalten with a monumental task – to curate Marvel By Design. This exclusive tome unveils the clandestine world of Marvel's design process, a journey that transcends mere entertainment to become a cultural phenomenon. In "Marvel By Design," we delve deep into the evolution of Marvel's storytelling, tracing its indelible influence across graphic design, popular culture, art, marketing, and advertising landscapes. From the inception of beloved characters to the creation of iconic imagery, every page is a testament to Marvel's unparalleled impact on the creative realm.

For Marvel, this book solves a critical challenge: it bridges the gap between their rich heritage and the contemporary design landscape. By meticulously documenting their design journey, "Marvel By Design" not only honors Marvel's legacy but also positions them as a beacon of innovation in an ever-evolving industry. It solidifies their status as not just a comic book publisher but a cultural institution, inspiring generations to come.


Hyundai, a pioneer in automotive excellence, engaged gestalten for an ambitious endeavor –  Roots & Wings. This captivating volume celebrates the extraordinary odyssey of one individual who revolutionized design and propelled Hyundai to unprecedented heights: Peter Schreyer, the visionary force behind Hyundai's iconic designs. As one of the automotive industry's most influential designers, Schreyer's story embodies relentless passion and unwavering commitment.

For Hyundai, this book addresses a crucial challenge: it humanizes the brand, offering readers an intimate glimpse into the creative genius driving their success. By showcasing Schreyer's transformative impact, "Roots & Wings" reinforces Hyundai's dedication to innovation and excellence, while fostering deeper connections with customers. It positions Hyundai not merely as a manufacturer of vehicles, but as a symbol of inspiration and ingenuity in the automotive landscape.

gestalten joined forces with Highsnobiety for a groundbreaking collaboration – The Incomplete. This remarkable project pays homage to Highsnobiety's enduring impact on streetwear culture, capturing its essence in a visually stunning compendium. It serves as both a visual reference guide and a time capsule of street culture, spotlighting the most influential designers, pieces, and brands that have shaped the landscape of street fashion.

For Highsnobiety, this book presents a strategic solution: it bridges the gap between digital engagement and tangible connection. By curating their online influence into a tangible format, "The Incomplete" allows Highsnobiety to reach a target audience that may be difficult to engage with solely through digital channels. It offers readers a tactile experience, fostering a deeper appreciation for the brand's legacy. By leveraging the power of print, "The Incomplete" extends Highsnobiety's reach beyond the confines of the digital realm, establishing a lasting connection with enthusiasts, collectors, and aficionados worldwide.

Whether you're endeavoring to immortalize a personal narrative or seeking to enhance your brand's presence, let gestalten be your creative ally on this remarkable journey. Together, we will craft something truly extraordinary that will captivate and resonate for years to come. Reach out to our team of experts to begin transforming your vision into a reality.