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Floating Sauna by goCstudio

Warm Up in this Waterborne Steam Room

Floating Sauna by goCstudio

architecture & interior Escape

The waters of Lake Washington are notoriously cold. It’s perfect for a polar-bear plunge on a sunny summer day, but a bit less so when the temperature starts to drop. The wa_sauna by goCstudio activates the fresh body of water that banks one of Seattle’s many shorelines by offering a warm oasis that entices visitors to take the icy plunge even during the depths of winter. The floating wooden structures expands on the storied tradition of houseboats in Seattle: with the ample bodies of water that ebb and flow all around the Emerald City,it seems only natural that the city’s sprawling expansion would take to the sound as well.

Floating Sauna by goCstudioFloating Sauna by goCstudio