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Art, Nature, and the Body, a Chronicle of Thinking With Your Hands

“Opposites, extremes, and boundaries are all part of a game of levels where information and the way it is absurdly turned upside down become the basis of my artistic process.” - Artist and designer, Jaime Hayon.

Art, Nature, and the Body, a Chronicle of Thinking With Your Hands

design & fashion

Welcome to the beautiful world of Jaime Hayon. Hayon’s style and vision have come to be associated with some of the most prestigious interior design for hotels, restaurants, and galleries around the globe. Blurring the lines between art and design, his creations are bursting with playfulness and optimism.

In our latest release, Jaime Hayonbeautifully detailed photography seeks to encapsulate the artist’s illustrious career, compiling an extensive collection of Hayon’s outstanding work, and exploring how his creative process has evolved over time. 

(Interior design: Barceló Torre de Madrid Hotel / Photo: Courtesy of Klunderbie, Jaime Hayon)

Hayon’s relationship with specific materials, his theory of color, drawing technique, and ethnographic curiosity in studying cultural and productive contexts all show the proximity between his art and the contemporary debate on cultural appropriation and inclusivity.

The ways in which the artist approaches conversations surrounding art, nature and the body have come to be recognised and distinctively unique. “Mixing ingredients, allowing myself to be influenced, feeling the amazement and innocence of the child in me are all traits of a creative philosophy based on the idea of constant rebirth,” Hayon reflects. 

(Artwork: The Answers in the Clouds, Jaime Hayon / Photo: Courtesy of Hayonstudio, Jaime Hayon)

The world of Hayon’s sketchbooks is very lively. It is inhabited by figures and faces, by citizens of a detailed cosmology made up of humans and animals, masks, myths and anthropomorphic characters, almost all of which have faces drawn by Hayon. This is a recurring theme in the work of the Spanish artist and designer, who has an urgency to humanize the landscape of objects he creates. 

“I am incredibly inspired by nature. I believe that the greatest creative potential can be found in the force of nature. This is why I never stop observing and depicting it,” Hayon comments.

The nature that Hayon depicts in his paintings, decorative objects, furniture, parks, and fountains is mainly that of Greek storyteller, Aesop, Herman Melville, and Carl Bosch, but recently, with a strong sense of irony and scandal, he has started to address the monstrous imbalance created by humankind's actions by depicting a nature that explodes, mutates and annihilates itself, incapable of holding it all together. 

(Photo: Courtesy of Baccarat, Jaime Hayon)

Ultimately his curiosity leads him to adopt arts, crafts, and techniques from different backgrounds and countries, propelling him into an ongoing process of aesthetic development. “My idea of elegance is fine craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Together they generate a story that has its own niche outside everyday reality.”

Immerse yourself into Hayon’s wonderful world, pick up a copy of Jaime Hayon today.