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A Sensory Approach to Architecture and Design

Building spaces of equilibrium: Norm Architects’ sense of humane simplicity helps to shape environments that feel just as good as they look.

A Sensory Approach to Architecture and Design

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Our experience of everyday life is largely dependent on the man-made structures, materials and objects that form our modern habitat. The story of our lives unfolds between the walls of our home, at our work desks, restaurant tables, and within the greater infrastructure of the city. As products of our environment, the spaces we inhabit and the objects we live with influence the way we feel, think, and behave, forming the framework for our identities and life story. 

Guided by the purpose of wellbeing, Copenhagen-based practice, Norm Architects, approaches the creation of architecture, interiors, and furniture from the belief that good design is an important element of a good life.

Just like the weather, the atmosphere of the built environment around us has a profound effect on how we rest, think, feel, and socialize. Spaces and objects must certainly be functional, but if they are to truly serve us, they must also attend to our bodies and emotions. For Norm Architects, good design transcends utility and aesthetics to become a sensual and social exercise, thus creating a framework for the essential human needs of safety, identity, belonging and purpose. “Guided by the body and mind rather than by trends or technology, we aim to create designs that not only look good but also feel good.” - Norm Architects. 


(Photo: Courtesy of Norm Architects, Soft Minimal)

Through the insightful essays and tactile imagery collected in Soft Minimal, Norm Architects shares the principles that underpin a human-centric design philosophy honed over 15 years. The artful balance of light and shadow is reflected in a Swedish retreat, while a Japanese house quietly professes the calming effect of natural materials; a Sri Lankan residence makes the case for bringing the landscape inside and a Danish retail space celebrates tactility. 

Serving as a sourcebook and aesthetic inspiration for design professionals and enthusiasts, Soft Minimal offers a nuanced perspective on minimalism that is warm, sensory and enduring.