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What Do Tastemakers Listen To?

A curated playlist by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Mickalene Thomas, and other Tastemakers

What Do Tastemakers Listen To?

design & fashion

The definition of a Tastemaker is "a person who decides or influences what is or will become fashionable." In our latest release with Semaine, Jonny Mahon-Heap writes that this group "are the future of taste-those who have crowbarred into movements and stepped through them with us, those who have opened doors and left them for us to walk through, those who cross-pollinate crafts with joy and curiosity." The discussion around these cultural leaders that go on to define public opinion is often in a future-orientated context, but what are the foundations that dictate taste?

Bringing together opinions, memories, and a cultural spread of recommendations, How to Be a Tastemaker is an enlightenment into the inner lives of trailblazers. The book is a confab of personal interviews with the likes of Lily Cole, Daniel Arsham, and Kengo Kuma—where each individual opens up about their professional route to recognition and reflect on landmark moments. Taking a very witty and playful approach to discussions, the Tastemakers ponder over books, places of inspiration, and quotes that have shaped their lives. Each icon was asked to name a song or album that is close to their hearts for the title. From Nas to Neil Young, and Tracy Chapman to The Rolling Stones, we have compiled a playlist with every song featured for you to enjoy.

Step inside the world of industry-leaders through How to Be a Tastemaker.

Head image by Dusan Szokolovics for How to Be a Tastemaker.