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Recommended Reads From Admired Editor and Journalist

Here’s what London-born editor and journalist, Grace Banks, is reading this winter.

Recommended Reads From Admired Editor and Journalist

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Grace Banks is a London-born editor and journalist who specializes in culture and current affairs. She writes for The Guardian, The New York Times, Interview, ELLE, VICE, i-D, Mr Porter, Wallpaper*, Forbes.com, Al Jazeera, and is the former editor of Sleek Magazine

Earlier this year, we collaborated with Grace in order to bring Art Escapes to life. Art Escapes explores exciting art outside conventional spaces, freely available for those willing to discover creativity on another plane. From the Italian countryside via the Utah desert to the forests of Finland and beyond, in this wonderful book, Grace offers a list for art lovers seeking unique experiences. So who better to ask for their favorite holiday recommendations? Here’s what Grace is reading this winter. 

(Photo: Courtesy of Pace Gallery, Art Escapes)


The Mediterranean Home: My mum’s side of the family are Spanish, and our villa in Javea, Alicante, has been my favourite place in the world since I was a child. Every time I go I notice a new benefit of living in a villa, or ‘finca’ as we’d say in Spain, and this book full of incredible imagery of villas in Europe has given me even more insight and inspiration for my family’s home.


Legendary Escapes bSoledad Romero, illustrations by Julio Antonio Blasco: I love Little Gestalten’s collection of books for kids, and this graphic tome about the cunning escapes of prisoners over the years is one that I’ll be buying for my friend’s 9 year old — offering little ones plenty to talk about over the festive Christmas table. My favourite was the escape of 38 women through a tunnel in Spain, what gumption!


The Rebel’s Wardrobe, by Bryan Szabo, and Thomas Stege Bojer: The spotlight on men’s fashion over the last couple of years is as exciting as it is fascinating, and I loved discovering the history of menswear classics like the cargo pants and the aviator jacket in this book. The legacy of which is perfectly evoked by the founder of the Denimhunters Instagram account Stege Bojer, and their contributing writer Thomas Stege Bojer.  

Art exists all around us, sometimes hidden in plain sight and sometimes in remote corners of the world. Step outside the white cube and rediscover the creative outdoors with Art Escapes. Explore more titles in our bespoke gift guide collections: Gifts for Food Connoisseurs, Modern Explorers, and Design Lovers, available exclusively on the gestalten webshop.