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Discovering Scandinavia

Experience the best hiking routes in Nordic countries through practical tips, informative maps, and stunning visuals.

Discovering Scandinavia


From spectacular fjords in Norway, the arctic tundra and serene forests in Sweden, to a plethora of enchanting lakes in Finland and the Ice Sheet of Greenland —the Nordics offer a breathtaking variety of landscapes and endless options to hike. In our latest edition to our Wanderlust series, hiking expert, Cam Honan, shares his insights into our latest escape title - Wanderlust Nordics

(Photo: Courtesy of Tomáš Zrna, Wanderlust Nordics)

Q. What makes the Nordics a unique region for hiking?

A. From the arctic tundra of Lapland to Norway’s fjord coast to the towering sea cliffs of the Faroes, the Nordics boasts a singular combination of natural wonders. When coupled with its rich heritage, characterful villages, and a wellspring of colourful folklore, the region contains a treasure trove of hiking possibilities for anyone who has dreamed of adventuring in the far north.

Q. Do you have a favorite hiking destination in the Nordics - and why?

A. That’s a tough one; all of the Nordic countries offer fantastic hiking options. If I had to pick just one, it’s hard to go past Iceland. The “land of fire and ice” features massive glaciers, active volcanoes, ground-shaking waterfalls, lunar-like deserts, and multi-hued rhyolite mountains. And from a hiker’s perspective, is there anything more rejuvenating after a long day on trail than soaking in a geothermal pool?

Q. What would be your advice for someone wanting to hike in this region?

A. Practically speaking, carry a tent that holds up well in stormy conditions. From a logistical perspective, if you only have a limited amount of holiday time, focus on just one or two areas and experience them as thoroughly as possible. And, finally, before commencing your trip, take the opportunity to dive into the history and culture of your chosen location, which will add an extra layer of appreciation to your journey.

(Photo: Courtesy of Paddy Dillon, Wanderlust Nordics)

Q. This will be your fifth title with gestalten after Wanderlust, Wanderlust USA, Wanderlust Himalaya, and The Hidden Tracks. In your opinion - what sets Wanderlust Nordics apart from your other hiking titles?

A. In Wanderlust and The Hidden Tracks, we featured a handful of Scandinavian trails. This time around, we thoroughly explore the best hiking options that the Nordic region has to offer. From the Greenland Ice Sheet to the rocky coastline of Sweden to the enchanting forests and lakes of Finland; Wanderlust Nordics is an idea generator for anyone who has ever thought of exploring the Nordic region on foot.

Q. Do you think this book is suitable for all levels of adventurers?

A. Yes. Wanderlust Nordics features a combination of short, medium, and long-distance trails of varying degrees of difficulty. Something to suit everyone from novices to experienced campaigners.

Q. How was your experience in creating this book with gestalten?

A. As with its predecessors, Wanderlust Nordics was a collaborative effort from start to finish. The book features images from an array of amazing photographers, Florian Bayer and Bureau Rabensteiner are back again with the illustrations and map design, and the Gestalten editing team is second to none when it comes to graphic design and visual storytelling.

(Photo: Courtesy of Cody Duncan, Wanderlust Nordics)

Wanderlust Nordics invites you to boast into this distinctive wilderness with a wide range and appealing mix of trails. This is a book that will have you heading north.

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