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A Peaceful Parisian Loft Full of Personality

A tranquil home befit for a creative family in the Capital de La Mode

A Peaceful Parisian Loft Full of Personality

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When looking at the smooth lines and serene volumes of Marie Montaud's Parisian loft, with its elegant floor-to-ceiling wood-framed windows opening onto a central open-air patio, it’s difficult to believe this place was once a dark warehouse without any interesting architectural details. The jewelry designer's poetically transformed sanctuary in the heart of the French capital was featured in Inspiring Family Homes, our recent release with MilK magazine.

The title delves into the contemporary face of parenting and how to curate a family-friendly space that adheres to modern design and interior styles. Nestled in a typical passageway in the busy 11th arrondissement, this loft is a masterpiece of design that couples her needs as a creative with her children. The once-sad space has been brilliantly transformed by architect Guillaume Terver, who worked hand-in-hand with Montaud and her husband Gilles Ballard to create a quiet home that the couple and their two teenagers could retreat to peacefully and recover from the bustle of Paris.


A Peaceful Parisian Loft Full of Personality

Marie Montaud and Gilles Ballard needed more space for their growing family of four, which is often a hard or expensive find in the heart of Paris. They came across an old factory with no access to natural light, not even a window. They spent years transforming this space into a home fit for a modern cosmopolitan family. (Photo: Vincent Leroux, Inspiring Family Homes) 

“The challenge was to give life to a site without any past or history,” says Montaud, founder of the delicate jewelry brand Médecine Douce. Very sensitive to soulful things and places, they decided to emphasize the many interesting constructive elements that might be revealed as the space was stripped. These included cut-stone walls in the bedroom, glass tiles in the living room ceiling, and a majestic central wooden pillar, while stacked timber storage boxes found in the warehouse inspired the concept’s unifying component—wood.

Structuring proportions and defining scale, pinewood flows through the different volumes of the house—doors and windows frames, a staircase, or entire wall section—and is ingeniously used to create a striking tailor-made bookshelf that metamorphoses into a sleek, open kitchen. High-end architectural details and a curated selection of designer furniture combine elegantly with the bare cement floor that unifies all the rooms, infusing some placid, sober vibes into the space. The result is a new canvas full of personality, where the family can gather and spend quality time together in the luminous living room or enjoy fresh air in the little garden patio, recharging their batteries and getting inspired.


A Peaceful Parisian Loft Full of Personality

Minimalistic and raw features combine to give an elegant feel throughout. They intended to evoke a sense of wellbeing and balance that would transcend into the lives of each family member. (Photo: Vincent Leroux, Inspiring Family Homes)

Montaud entirely restructured the derelict loft, but traces of its former existence have been preserved. "We wanted to keep the original history of the place visible while twisting it in a contemporary and comfortable style,” explains her husband Ballard. The loft balances indoor and outdoor living with the family demands while conveying a sense of Parisian chic which surrounds them. Transforming this neglected space was a bold decision, but ultimately it came to fruition. This loft has become a modern testament to design, which places the family at the core of every consideration.

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